A Patient Story

"After experiencing tremendous pain, a CAT scan was ordered by the ER doctor at Littauer. At 2 a.m. my CAT scan was read by a radiologist in Australia, and the results were delivered to Littauer in minutes. Armed with the images, the doctor made a very sophisticated and unusual diagnosis, and after receiving appropriate therapies, I was admitted. Thank you, Nathan Littauer Hospital!" —Stephen
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Radiology Revolution: Nathan Littauer Hospital

Radiology Revolution: Nathan Littauer HospitalAt Nathan Littauer Hospital, there is a revolution going on—a Radiology Revolution. It is our quest to bring the latest diagnostic imaging to you, close to home where you need it. It is our commitment to have the most experienced diagnostic team. It is our mission to get your information to your doctor quickly and seamlessly. It is our pledge to provide comfort and care during an exam. The radiology revolution has just begun at Littauer and we are armed with the best team and the best technology!
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Leading the Revolution: Dr. Mike McBiles

Leading the Revolution: Dr. Mike McBilesThe Radiology Revolution at Littauer is led by nationally-known physician, Dr. Mike McBiles, our Chief of Radiology. Dr. McBiles and his team have hundreds of years of experience in radiology. And people are catching on; in 2009 we were named the 8th Busiest Diagnostic Imaging Center in the entire Capital Region. Are we in demand? Yes. Will you notice? No.
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"I’ve worked many places in the U.S. and I can honestly say Nathan Littauer is state-of-the-art." —Dr. Mike McBiles